Mind Boggling Fun!!

What do dynamite, a magnifying glass, a bowling ball, a cat, and a blender all have in common?

They are just a few of the objects you can use to build crazy contraptions and incredible chain reactions. Part puzzle game and part eccentric inventor’s laboratory, Contraption Maker is 100% smart fun from the original creators of The Incredible Machine.



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Limitless Play

The powerful & easy to use Maker Lab allows you to build whatever you can think of. Make a hamster powered dog feeder, set up a battle of cat vs. mouse, or create a puzzle for others to solve.

Build together with friends online, and share your creations with the world in our Workshop.

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Hundreds of puzzles waiting to be solved

More than 200 parts to play with

Build simple and small...

...or dream big!

Solve Puzzles

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Use these parts to fix the contraption and pop the balloon!

Buy Contraption Maker

What are you waiting for, join in on the fun today! Contraption Maker has all sorts of great features:

  • Solve crazy puzzles. Over 200 official puzzles and an endless supply of community puzzles are waiting for you to figure them out.
  • Build your own ridiculous contraptions in the easy to use Maker Lab
  • Upload your creations to the Contraption Maker Workshop to share them with the world
  • Build together with friends online
  • In-game JavaScript modding system lets you create custom game modes

** 64-bit macOS Catalina not supported **

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  • windows
  • apple

About the game

Does Contraption Maker look familiar? It is actually the spiritual successor to a game called The Incredible Machine® from way back in the 90's. Top Meadow is made up of the same team that made the original game, and we are dedicated to bringing the classic gameplay of our favorite game up to modern times for a whole new generation of players.
Contraption Maker

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