Build-Off #3 Results Are In

February 23rd, 2015 by Jon Tunnell


Indiana Tim narrowly escaping certain doom

Indiana Tim narrowly escaping certain doom

After another tough period of judging, we are ready to announce the winners of our third Contraption Maker Build-Off! The quality of submissions blew us away as usual. It looks like people really took the time to create something that was unique, pretty, and fun to watch.

No need to keep you all waiting on the edge of your seats. Here are the winners!

3rd Place Tie: Winter Showdown, by Evajeva & Line Rider, by Blueeyedrat

The competition was so close this time, we ended up with our first tie! Both of these contraptions took their own unique approach. Winter Showdown told a fun story, used some cool animation techniques (camera shake!), and even had a sled dog.

Line Rider was quite the creative contraption that changed the whole look of the game to make it look truly unique. We had to open it up in the Maker Lab to really look into how it was pulled off.

2nd Place: Jinglebells, by Dr34dd

What a fun contraption to watch, with a couple of plot twists to go along with it. We really enjoyed the sledding while playing Jingle Bells, with the tempo sped up as the story became more intense.

1st Place: Indiana Tim 3, by Hellwood

This contraption is crazy! It isn’t actually that long, but there are so many great timing instances and close calls. Tim nearly gets destroyed on his sled too many times to count. You really need to watch this one a few times to catch all of the clever things going on. Lots of unique uses of parts to accomplish tasks in un thought of ways.

Congrats winners! I will send you developer messages on your Workshop submission pages and we will get your prizes to you.

I also want to congratulate everyone that entered. The quality of entries seems to keep going up with every new Build-Off that we have. You can really feel the fun and creativity when watching through all of them. Get ready for the next one coming up soon!


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