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Hands down, one of the coolest things about Contraption Maker is seeing what students make with the game.  In the last two years, we’ve given away over 700 copies of the game, so kids have had a long time to be creative and come up with some cool contraptions.  We asked teachers to send us […]

Educational advisor to Spotkin and all around awesome teacher Kris Schwengel has been involved in various Contraption Maker projects, from felt boards to foreign language.  He pioneered using Contraption Maker as an ELA tool, and he had some fantastic results the first year he did this language arts lesson plan.  This year he’s at it again, focusing on […]

  We last heard from Kris Schwengel, one of our educational advisors, last summer as he was winding down his English Language Arts / machine-building lesson with his 4th Graders.  In this update, Kris brings us up to speed on how he’s improving his original lesson, plus some other Contraption Maker projects in the works at […]

We’re always excited to hear from teachers who have used The Incredible Machine in their classroom for many years.  Douglas Klier of The Willows Community School is one such teacher.  He is also generous enough to let us share one of his tried and true lesson plans that you can use with Contraption Maker.  He originally used […]

When I was growing up, I rarely interacted with kids outside my immediate age group at school.  1st graders played with other 1st graders, 2nd graders had separate lunch and recess times, and so on, until I reached high school.  Many schools are bucking this trend by having cooperative learning and play times where multi-aged […]