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This month we reached a very significant milestone for Contraption Maker.  After giving away Contraption Maker for free to educators for more than a year, we have managed to give away Contraption Maker copies to over 500 schools, including every US state, 19 other countries, and across every continent except Antarctica.  Check out our map […]

As many of you know, October 21, 2015 is the day that Marty McFly went to the future to save his children in Back to the Future Part II.  With a heavy theme of science and discovery, it’s no wonder that organizations such as Happy Kids Homeschool in Puerto Rico held a Back to the […]

I know it’s cliché to say, “Isn’t technology wonderful?”  Still, I’m going to say it because I live in a world where I can be in Eugene, Oregon and do a Skype presentation with a few dozen middle school students in Andover, Kansas. These students are studying Rube Goldberg machines, which is why they have been using Contraption […]

As firm believers in STEM education, it’s great to support science education on a global scale.  We’ve given away Contraption Maker to over 400 schools, after school programs, and other educational initiatives around the world.  No matter how global you get, it’s also good to be active in your local community too, which is why […]

Last summer, we reached our 1 year anniversary of giving away Contraption Maker for free to educators.  Given that we’re still a pretty small studio with big ambitions, this was quite an achievement for us.  We didn’t know if we could give away the game for free for a few months, let alone a whole year. […]