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Any small game studio or indie developer will tell you that getting the word out about your game is hard.  The Internet is full of random memes, short attention spans, and fleeting hashtags.  We’ve been plugging away generating word of mouth about Contraption Maker in any way we can: giving the game away to schools […]

Many of you know that Contraption Maker is the spiritual successor to The Incredible Machine (TIM).  What you may not know is why both the original game designer (Jeff Tunnell) and the original game developer (Kevin Ryan) chose to remake this one game out of a long list of games they created throughout their careers. Here’s a hint, […]

My first memories playing video games are with my family.  With five siblings, I never really played games alone.  We all crowded around a system (take your pick: Commodore 64, Coleco, Atari, NES…the list goes on) and fiddled with games en masse.  Usually one person would play, and the others served as a helpful peanut gallery: there to […]

Spotkin has received a ton of positive feedback from the hundreds of teachers who use Contraption Maker.  With the original team behind The Incredible Machine working with us, we had few doubts that students and teachers would love Contraption Maker in the classroom.  However, just because we knew it would be successful in schools doesn’t […]

Nearly 20 years after its creation, I wanted to make sure to get all of the CD quality songs for The Incredible Machine in one place to keep them from going to the great bit bucket in the sky. It is getting harder and harder to find a CD player to listen to these songs, […]