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<<The Submission period for this contest is now over>> Here we are again with another Build-Off contest. No April Fool’s here, this is the real deal. Because your submissions for the Build-Offs have been getting better and better, we want to try something different this time. Instead of one week for submissions, this submission window […]

We just put out an update for Contraption Maker. Unfortunately, a large part of this update was a huge change in our rendering engine. This means that the game actually still looks the same, but we want to keep everyone updated on what we have been doing. Engine Upgrade Our base engine has been upgraded […]

  After another tough period of judging, we are ready to announce the winners of our third Contraption Maker Build-Off! The quality of submissions blew us away as usual. It looks like people really took the time to create something that was unique, pretty, and fun to watch. No need to keep you all waiting […]

<<Submissions for this Build-Off are now closed>> The Great Contraption Maker Build-Off has returned! Focus all of your building power and make the best contraption that you can. Starting today, everyone has a week to make an awesome contraption and submit it for judging. The winners of the Build-Off will receive Steam games of their […]

Our latest Contraption Maker update is here to spread some holiday cheer! This FREE update adds a bunch of new fun features to the game. Tim’s sled is a great new addition to the game. Use it to send Tim spinning, flipping, and sledding all over the place. For those people waiting for new official […]