Contraption Maker Parts

We’ve got more parts than you can shake a stick at. (Actually, we have the stick too.) Build crazy contraptions and incredible chain reactions with the over 120 parts in our Maker Lab!
You can download image files of all Contraption Maker parts here. It sure beats doing it one at a time!

Accelerator: Use the accelerator to give your objects a boost through pipes.
Aiden’s Cooler: The cooler has wheels and a handle. Put things in it and pull them around.
Anti-Gravity Pad: Future technology makes the anti-gravity pad give constant upward force without the need for power.
Balloon: The balloon flies up until it hits something or pops. Attach a rope to pull on other parts. Place an anti-gravity pad below it to pull it down.
Baseball: The baseball is small, light, and has little bounce.
Basketball: The basketball is big, medium weight, and very bouncy.
Bellows: Hit the bellows to give one good gust of air. The air can be used to power the pinwheel or push a moveable object.
Belt: Belts are used to power all sorts of different parts that require rotational energy. Unlike ropes, belts can only stretch out to a certain length.
Big Gear: Use gears to change the speed and direction of belt powered parts.
Big Pipe: Use pipes to route objects around your contraptions.
Billiard Ball: Billiard balls are unaffected by gravity and friction. Shoot them around to trigger parts of your contraptions.
Bird Cage: Use this cage to trap your unsuspecting victims.
Blender: Plug the blender into a powered outlet to turn it on. Use it as a goal for puzzles.
Blimp: The blimp flies straight until it bumps into something and turns around. Pop it with a pin or fire. Attach a rope to anchor it.
Bomb: Light the fuse, and the bomb will explode shortly after. It can roll around like a ball.
Bottle Rocket: Light the fuse to get a show. It will blow up shortly after launch.
Bouncy Ball: This ball is coated in a special super bounce resin that is still being tested. Every time it bounces it will gain more height.
Bowling Ball: The bowling ball is big, heavy, and has little bounce.
Brain: Zombies are more attracted to brains than they are to Tim. Use this as a distraction.
Bucket: Put something in it, attach a rope, or both! The possibilities are endless with your bucket.
Candle: The candle is a movable source of fire. It can be lit by a magnifying glass with a light source or another flaming part.
Cannon: Light the fuse and cover your ears. The cannon will fire shortly afterwards.
Cardboard Box: Boxes can hold stuff and be pushed, dropped, and launched around your contraptions.
Cat-O-Matic: Waldo loves his Cat-O-Matic. Plug it into a powered outlet to attract him to it.
Caution Wall: Walls come in a variety of looks. Use them to add structure to your contraptions. The caution wall is not affected by explosions.
Cheese: Made by the finest artisanal chefs, this is Milton’s favorite brand. If it gets into his line of sight, he will run towards it.
Color Block: The color block will light up when touched.
Conveyor Belt: Attach a rotating belt to move things around where you want.
Corner Pipe: Use pipes to route objects around your contraptions.
Dog Bone: Tinker loves dog bones. The size of the bone will determine how long he takes to eat it.
Dog Food: Hit Tinker’s bag of food with something to knock it over. Tinker will be attracted to the food.
Dog House: If Tinker walks in front of his house, he will go inside.
Dog Toy: When Tinker needs to exercise, he loves to chase his dog toy.
Dog Treat: The treat will attract Tinker, but Tim will only place it once Tinker is in sight. Only Tim can activate this part.
Dog Whistle: The whistle will attract all dogs in the general area. Only Tim can activate this part.
Domino: Line them up and give a nudge to start a chain reaction.
Double Lighter: Bump either wheel to start the lighter. Once lit, it will stay on forever.
Dozer: Use Dozer’s backside as a trampoline. Just stay away from his mouth…he will eat almost anything!
Dripping Bucket: The dripping bucket will get lighter over time. Adjust the drip rate to determine how fast it loses its liquid.
Dynamite: Light the fuse and stand back! The dynamite will explode shortly after.
Egg: Roll the egg around your contraptions. If it falls too far or gets hit too hard, it will break.
Egg Timer: Set a time and hit either button. When time is up the hand will give a poke.
Electric Color Block: The electric color block will light up when turned on.
Electric Fan: Plug the fan into a powered outlet to create wind. With this, you can blow objects or power the pinwheel.
Electric Generator: Attach a rotating belt to turn on the generator and power the outlet.
Electric Motor: Plug the electric motor into a powered outlet to start turning the wheel and power a belt. The motor will run as long as it has power.
Electric Sound Block: This sound block will play a sound when it’s turned on.
Electrical Outlet: The outlet is always powered on. Use it to power parts that require electricity.
Electrical Switch: Flip the switch to power the attached outlets. The switch always starts in the off position.
Fish Bowl: Phil the Fish spends most of his day swimming around with nowhere to go. Waldo will be attracted if he sees him, and he will come from even farther if the bowl is broken.
Flashlight: Hit the switch to turn it on. Use it with a magnifying glass to light fuses.
Flying Saucer: The flying saucer floats up and down and changes direction when it hits something. Attach a rope to anchor it or to pull something.
Ghost: The ghost will chase movable parts and make them disappear if touched.
Hamster Cage: Bump the cage to wake up the hamster and power a belt. He goes back to sleep after a few seconds.
House: Home sweet home. Use this as a puzzle goal for Tim.
Ice Wall: Ice walls are more slippery than normal walls.
Inverse Laser: Inverse lasers are turned on by default. If another laser hits the sensor in the back, the inverse laser will turn off.
Invisible Wall: This behaves like other walls, but it will be invisible while the contraption is running.
Iron Ball: This is created by the cannon. It is very heavy and has barely any bounce.
Jack in the Box: Turn the handle with a moving belt for long enough and Jack will pop his top.
Laser: Lasers shoot a constant beam in one direction when they are turned on. The laser can be used to light fuses or to power the special laser outlet. You can choose from a number of different colors.
Laser Mixer: The mixer will combine two lasers together to create a new color.
Laser Powered Outlet: This outlet needs a laser hitting it in order to turn on. It can be set so that only a specific colored laser can power it.
Laser Repeater: Use this to extend the length of a laser. You can also set a delay for how long it takes to turn on and off.
Laser Splitter: Use this to split a single laser into two beams.
Lawn Mower Motor: Attach a rope to the pull starter and give it a good yank to get the motor going. Once running, the motor will power a belt.
Light Bulb: Attach a rope to the chain and pull on it to turn the light on and off. Once on, the light will behave just like a flashlight.
Long Rope Board: Boards can be stacked or you can attach ropes to them.
Magnifying Glass: Place this in front of a flashlight or light bulb to focus light and start fuses.
Marble: The marble is small and heavy with a little bit of bounce.
Match Device: Pull the igniter with a rope to start the torch. Once lit, it will burn forever.
Mechanical Trampoline: Use this to make an object bounce and continually gain height.
Milton: Milton loves cheese and hates cats. If he sees cheese he will run towards it, but if he sees Waldo the cat, he will run away scared.
Mirror: Use these to bounce lasers different directions around your contraptions.
Missile: Light the fuse with a flaming part or a magnifying glass with a light source. Once the rocket launches, it will blow up when it hits something.
Mouse Door: If Milton walks across the mouse hole, he will go inside. He isn’t naturally attracted to it, so you will need to get him in using some cheese.
Nitro: Nitro is very unstable. Drop it too far or hit it too hard, and it will explode.
Normal Trampoline: Use the trampoline to bounce balls and other moveable objects.
Paper Lantern: Light the candle and watch it take off. Hook a rope to the bottom if you need to give something a pull.
Part Creator: Once it’s turned on, the part creator will continually make a selected part.
Part Disposal: Use the part disposal to get rid of unwanted parts.
Pin: Use this to pop balloons and blimps.
Pinball Bumper: Hit the bumper from any angle and it will send the object bouncing away.
Pinball Flipper: The flipper hits away anything that drops on top of it.
Pinwheel: The pinwheel needs air blowing on it to spin around. While spinning, it will power a belt.
Pipe Intersection: Use pipes to route objects around your contraptions.
Pipe Wall: Walls come in a variety of looks. Use them to add structure to your contraptions. The pipe wall is not affected by explosions.
Play Block Wall: Walls come in a variety of looks. Use them to add structure to your contraptions. The play block wall is not affected by explosions.
Play Block: Play blocks can be sized, stacked up, and knocked down. Attach ropes to pull them around or hang them.
Plug-in Light Bulb: This behaves like a normal light, but it must be plugged in to turn on.
Pool Cue: Hit the blue button to give something a nudge. It resets after each hit.
Power Strip: Use this to extend the reach and capacity of an electrical outlet.
Pumpkin: Pumpkins are fun. Hang them, toss them, or roll them. Just try not to break them!
Punching Fist: Hit the red button to give a big punch. This is a one time use part.
Ratchet Clicker: Hit the button or pull the hook. The hamster will give the belt just one rotation.
Ray Gun: Attach a rope to the trigger and give it a pull to shoot a laser burst. You can program how many shots you get before it runs out. These bursts can be used to light flammable objects and pop balloons.
Recycling Bin: Boxes can hold stuff and be pushed, dropped, and launched around your contraptions. They come in a different assortment of shapes and sizes for all of your box related needs.
Red Brick Wall: Brick walls can be blown up by something explosive.
Remote Bomb & Detonator: This remote bomb system is a 2 part set. Place the bomb where you want to blow something up, then place the detonator somewhere else. The detonator can be hit on the top or pulled from the bottom.
Rock Block: Rock blocks are like dominoes, but heavier.
Rocket: Light the fuse with a flaming part or a magnifying glass with a light source. Once the toy rocket launches, it will push whatever it hits and will not blow up.
Rope: Rope can be attached to all sorts of different parts that use pulling energy. You can also hoist or hang two objects together by using rope in conjunction with pulleys.
Rope Hook: Use the rope hook to anchor parts down with a rope.
Rope Pulley: Use pulleys to change the direction of your rope force.
Scissors: Place these on a rope and bump them from any angle to cut the rope.
Short Rope Board: Boards can be stacked or you can attach ropes to them.
Sled: The sled slides easily on snow and ice. Attach a rope to pull it around.
Small Gear: Use gears to change the speed and direction of belt powered parts.
Snow Wall: The snow wall has more friction than other walls. Roll a snowball on it to make the ball grow in size.
Snowball: Roll the snowball on snow to make it bigger. Put it near something hot to melt it. Dropping a snowball too far will destroy it.
Snowball Pile: Set the number of snowballs, how hard, and how often you want Tim to throw. Tim will throw until he runs out of snowballs.
Soccer Ball: The soccer ball is big and medium weight, but it does not have much bounce to it.
Solar Panel: Save the earth by switching to solar power. Shine any light or fire source on the solar panel to power the attached outlet.
Sound Block: The sound block will play a selected sound when it’s hit.
Spring Loaded Trapdoor: The spring loaded trap door only allows objects of a certain weight to fall through. Use the program setting to determine how tight the spring is. The tighter the spring, the heavier the object must be to pass through.
Steam Whistle: Pull the hook to make the whistle give out a short tweet. The air it creates can be used to push objects or power a pinwheel.
Steve: Steve will eat anything he can. If he can’t eat it, he will toss it in the air.
Tea Kettle: Light the bottom with a flame source to create steam. The steam can push objects or power the pinwheel.
Teeter Totter: Drop an object on the high end to flip up the opposite side. Attach a rope to pull on things.
Tennis Ball: The tennis ball is small and light, but it has a good amount of bounce to it.
Thread Bobber: Power this with a belt to move the rope hook up and down.
Tim Brain: Tim will pick this brain up and drop it when he sees a zombie.
Tim Dog Toy: When Tim touches this toy, he will throw it and Tinker will give chase. Only Tim can activate this part.
Tim Snowball: This behaves like a standard snowball, but it must be thrown by Tim.
Tim’s Sled: When Tim touches this part, he will attach to it and give a little push. If the sled stops, Tim will get off.
Tinker: Tinker loves eating and chasing cats. Use rope on him to act as a leash.
Toaster: Plug in the toaster and bump the lever to make toast. The toast can be used to bump something above it.
Toolman Tim: Tim is just going about his daily life trying to get stuff done. He will walk in one direction until he hits a wall, and then he will turn around and go the other way. Use the programming settings to make him walk, run, or stand until hit. Make sure he doesn’t fall too far or get hit too hard as that will knock him out.
Trapdoor: Attach a rope to the stick and give it a pull to open the trap door and drop whatever is on top of it.
Vacuum: Turn this on to suck objects upwards. Be careful, you can’t get something back once it’s gone!
Waldo: Waldo is very stubborn. He won’t move unless he is hit, or he sees something delicious like a mouse, fish, or cat food.
Wooden Crate: Stack them up, knock them down, or throw them around. Big wooden crates are like boxes, but you can’t put anything inside of them.
Wrecking Ball: Attach a rope, swing it around, and cause some destruction!
Zombie Tim: Zombie Tim wants brains! He will chase Tim and convert him to a zombie if touched. Zombies are very fragile though, so be careful.