Contraption Maker in 500 Schools Across 50 States, 19 Countries, and 6 Continents

November 12th, 2015 by Deborah Fike

This month we reached a very significant milestone for Contraption Maker.  After giving away Contraption Maker for free to educators for more than a year, we have managed to give away Contraption Maker copies to over 500 schools, including every US state, 19 other countries, and across every continent except Antarctica.  Check out our map to see all the schools, after school programs, school districts, and other educational programs we’ve given free copies to:

The Contraption Maker World Map of Education

The Contraption Maker World Map of Education

In past blogs, we’ve highlighted several schools and after school programs that are doing some amazing things using Contraption Maker:

We’ve also had a surge of new schools ask for Contraption Maker copies this fall, and some of those schools are posting pictures of their experience online.  The Entrance Public School Year 4 students recently created their own contraptions in class.

The Entrance Public School

The Wilbur Maker Space installed Contraption Maker as part of their program.

Wilbur Maker Space

And an 8th grade class at Pine Crest School recently dove into making machines.

Michael Luetjen Pine Crest School

We’re on a mission to continue reaching more schools across the globe.  If you are interested in free educational copies of Contraption Maker, email me, Deborah Fike, Director of Educational Outreach:

-Deborah Fike


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