Contraption Maker for a New School Year

November 5th, 2014 by Deborah Fike

How many people played the original Incredible Machine as a kid in their classrooms as school?  If the feedback we’ve received is any indication, a lot of you did.  When our team created the Incredible Machine back in the 90s, we had no idea it would be used in thousands of classrooms across the globe with great accolades.

This time around with Contraption Maker, we want to be part of the movement.  We have a social mission to give away Contraption Maker for free to any school or educational institution.  Since we began our educational program, we have given away 500 free copies of Contraption Maker in 18 US states and 3 countries.  Check out what educators have been doing with Contraption Maker so far:

Edgewood Middle School

Students at Edgewood Middle School are beta-testing Contraption Maker in their STEM lab.  After getting familiarized with the game by playing through the puzzles, students will design their own Rube Goldberg machine.  They will finish their tests by showing off their contraptions in a presentation, tying science with communication skills.


Hardin Planetarium

The Hardin Planetarium in Kentucky recently used Contraption Maker during their Wacky Engineering camp.  The instructor used the game as an introduction to Rube Goldberg machines, giving campers an hour to play puzzles, and then assigning them a challenge to be solved using a limited number of parts.  After completing the initial challenge, the instructor gave campers even more specific challenges to complete with only specific parts or a limited amount of time.  Campers loved using Contraption Maker to solve challenges and, according to the instructor, hated turning off the game at the end of the morning.

Wacky Engineering Camp Oct 2014


The rest of the 2014-2015 School Year

We’re happy with our efforts to get into classrooms so far, but we’re hoping to go even further.  If you know someone who’s interested in free copies of Contraption Maker for their classroom, have them send me, Deborah Fike, a line.  We’ve also got a non-Steam version of the game coming out soon, if you want to test it for your school.

Happy learning!

-Deborah Fike


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