Contraption Maker Update: Winter Wonderland

December 17th, 2014 by Jon Tunnell


Our latest Contraption Maker update is here to spread some holiday cheer! This FREE update adds a bunch of new fun features to the game. Tim’s sled is a great new addition to the game. Use it to send Tim spinning, flipping, and sledding all over the place. For those people waiting for new official puzzles, you are in luck. We’ve added 50 new official puzzles! The puzzles come in a wide range of difficulty, including some super hard ones for all you puzzle experts out there.


New Parts

  • Tim’s Sled: The is a special new Tim part. When Tim uses the sled, he will give it a little push and hold on for dear life! Send him jumping and flipping all over your contraptions. There is also a “non-Tim” version of this part that can be used to transport other parts.
  • Snow Wall: Snow walls have more friction than normal walls. Roll a snowball down a snow wall to make it larger.
  • Ice Wall: A super slippery wall type.
  • Snowball: The snowball is another type of ball with some special behaviors. If it rolls on a snow wall, it will get bigger. Roll one large enough, and it will trap Tim inside of it! If you place a snowball near a heat source, it will start to melt.
  • Snowball Pile: This pile of snowballs can only be used by Tim. Set the number of snowballs, and how hard & often Tim will throw them.


New Puzzles
Our biggest official puzzle update yet! We’ve added 50 new official puzzles bringing our official puzzle count to 220 total puzzles! This new batch of puzzles has something for everyone, ranging in difficulty from tutorial to super hard. Get out there, start solving them, and share your ridiculous solutions and exploits :-)


Patterned Scenery Parts
There are now 3 special “primitive scenery parts”. The square, circle, and triangle can be colored with a selection of solid colors and repeating patterns. This should allow for all sorts of new creative approaches to contraption backgrounds.

Assorted Fixes

  • Impact sound effects. Walls now make sounds when they hit something
  • New save/load window. Sort by name or date, delete contraptions, search for contraptions
  • Correctly handle various situations when Tim is owned by another part (right now it can be the sled or the snowball)
  • Fixed draw layers so the plugs show up on generators
  • Fixed bug where a part that owned Tim would exit world borders and be deleted and cause a crash because Tim thought he was still owned by the deleted part
  • Also some various fixes to correctly handle parts going inactive or being deleted while the own Tim
  • Fixed bug where plug would sometimes not show up when plugged into outlets
  • Give save text input focus when saving, respond to enter when saving (mouse must be over save dialog)
  • Turn off Zombie lightbulb when he is embedded in snowball
  • Fixed bug in the Electric Switch code so that myCpShape and otherCpShape are always correctly set
  • Fix leak with specials
  • Only use _setjmp _longjmp on OSX
  • WIP geometry drawing with JavaScript
  • Generalized Toolman Tim being owned by other parts
  • Fix bug where explosions could sometimes create incorrect holes in walls
  • Lock containers for part goals
  • Cycle art selection under mouse when ctrl/command is held
  • Scenery ZOrder improvements
  • Default to descending by date in load contraption window
  • Ensure parts which have goals are locked when testing and when serializing
  • Undo/Redo tweaks
  • Fixed bug so Toolman Tim correctly processing multiple instruction parts if his is standing and overlapping them
  • Fixed undo/redo for ropes
  • Fixed bug where Toolman Tim would be stuck in falling state
  • Added new routine to compute mass and moment of interia when area of a shape changes
  • Added support to change radius of a collision circle
  • Added support to change width and height of a heat receiver
  • Added support to change base width and height of a part sprite
  • Adjusted Toolman Tim to generalize his toss part routine
  • Started saving max normal velocity in arbiter so it can be used other places
  • Added TM_PI_64 to be used where 64-bits of resolution is needed
  • Fixed locked parts disappearing.
  • Added fuses to Missiles and Rockets
  • Made sure that hotkey flipping only tries to flip parts that can be flipped
  • Added goal state for turning Toolman Tim into a Zombie
  • Added goal state of Eaten for Brain
  • Correctly handle projections and overlaps when multiple parts are moved at the same time
  • Fixed a bunch of leaks

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