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Contraption Maker fully immerses kids in STEAM subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.

Check out all of Contraption Maker’s free curriculum and learn why Graphite chose us as a Best EdTech Game of 2014.

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Contraption Maker has lots of resources to get you started.

Check out our video tutorials and walk-throughs that show how to use hundreds of parts and access tons of features in the game.

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We’ve given away 700+ copies of Contraption Maker to educators around the globe.

Join the hundreds of elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges, school districts, after school programs, summer camps, libraries, and other educational agencies who use Contraption Maker!

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Contraption Maker is the spiritual successor to The Incredible Machine.

Read why The Incredible Machine was one of the top educational games of the last two decades and used in thousands of classrooms worldwide.

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Contraption Maker is the engaging Rube Goldberg machine game that teaches kids how to solve engineering problems and make their own inventions.

Created by the same team who brought you The Incredible Machine, Contraption Maker reinforces hard-to-master STEM skills such as critical-thinking, perseverance, and experimentation.

  • See why Graphite named Contraption Maker a Best EdTech App of 2014.
  • For more information on how to get copies for your school, after school program or other educational initiative, email Jon Tunnell:

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Access free video and text tutorials to get started using Contraption Maker.
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Read the academic research that shows why Contraption Maker works in the classroom.
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Check out sample Common Core, NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) and other lesson plans.
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Read our latest articles on using Contraption Maker in the classroom.
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Teach JavaScript modding with our sandbox of digital tools.
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Meet our elite band of dedicated teachers and find a school in your area that already uses Contraption Maker.
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