4th Graders Learn Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in Physics using Contraption Maker

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  • We are adopting the Next Gen standards and that is what led me to find Contraption Maker. When my own kids were little we loved playing the Incredible Machine, and I thought wouldn't it be great if my students could have the chance to explore, problem solve, and learn the way my kids had.... after a search I found Contraption Maker!  I'm so excited about trying this with my students.  The lesson you posted looks great and is one I will certainly do with my students!  I will share any great activities or lessons we come up!
    Thanks for making this a possibility for my students!
  • I'm super excited you're going to give the NGSS lesson developed by our friends at River Road/El Camino Elementary School a try.  Please do let me know how it goes, either here, or by emailing me at: Deborah@spotkin.com.  And we would be thrilled if you shared any activities or lesson plans with us!  We're always looking to add to our awesome teacher-led curriculum page.
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