Immediate crash of Launcher

Tried to install in my iMac lab - all running 10.9.5.  Half the machines worked; the other half crash right after the splash (launch) screen comes up and it (Contraption Maker Launcher) says "launching".  Tried reinstalling - recopying from the disk image to applications...

All the machines are the same image so I am at a loss to figure out why 1/2 don't work...

Thanks for any help or things to try.


  • version Mac OS X 10.9.5

  • One more thing I found out.  If I login to an admin account, the app works fine.  However, it should work in a non-admin account.  I obviously don't want students logged into admin accounts in the lab...

  • Perhaps this will help.  Here is the error that shows up in Console when Contraptions launcher fail.

    12/8/15 9:22:27.428 AM[148]: ([0x0-0x1e01e].com.spotkin.ContraptionMakerPatcher[275]) Job failed to exec(3) for weird reason: 13
    12/8/15 9:22:27.430 AM Dock[158]: no information back from LS about running process LSASN:{hi=0x0;lo=0x1e01e}

  • could not figure out how to leave a new message re: bug, so leaving a comment here. App worked fine for a few weeks, after initial downloading.  Now launch window shows for 2 seconds, then disappears.  Should I be asking for a refund?  Is this app being maintained by Spotkin? 
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