Getting Started with JavaScript Modding in Contraption Maker

April 16th, 2015 by Deborah Fike


JavaScript Modding in Contraption Maker


Contraption Maker already offers a lot of sandbox capabilities in Make Mode, which allows players to use all 100+ parts in the game to create their own incredible machines.  But we didn’t stop your ability to tinker with the game there.  Did you know that you can mod the game in JavaScript?  We chose JavaScript as our modding language because it’s a premier language of the web.  So if you don’t know how to code, but always wanted to learn programming, now’s the time!

JavaScript modding allows players to create interactions and situations that we as the game developers never intended.  Want to let Waldo the cat fly?  Make the egg unbreakable?  Have the tennis ball be the heaviest ball in the game?  You can change object properties, how objects affect each other, create new game objectives, and more with JavaScript modding.

If you want to get started with JavaScript modding in Contraption Maker, we have a variety of resources available to you.  A good first place to start is to watch our first tutorial video:

A second tutorial video is also available to you.

Once you get the basics from the tutorial video, we’ve also got a Contraption Maker Modding Guide you can browse.  Contraption Maker ships with three demo mods already made for you: a platformer, pool game, and Flappy Bird clone.  The guide goes into more detail on what you do with “Flappy Tim.”

If you want to know what’s possible with JavaScript modding, you don’t need to go further than our very own player community.  They’ve made some fantastic games, a few of which we’ve highlighted in a mash-up video:

Our community is adding new mods all the time, and we are amazed at their creativity and talent.  We look forward to seeing the other game concepts our players code with JavaScript.

-Deborah Fike

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