Getting Started with Contraption Maker

Contraption Maker has a ton of free resources available to get you started making your own Rube Goldberg machines. Whether you’re new to the game or have tinkered with it for several hours, there’s always something new to learn!

What is Contraption Maker? 

Maybe you’ve never heard of a Rube Goldberg machine, or you only heard about Contraption Maker in passing. This video will get you up to speed on the mechanics of Contraption maker.

Contraption Maker Complete Part List 

A comprehensive list of all 120+ parts you can use in the game, along with examples of how they can be used. Know the difference between objects, and how they can be manipulated to create machines. There’s also a handy link to download image files for all the parts.

Contraption Maker School Video Tutorials 

This playlist of video tutorials will walk you through several features of the game, from making your first contraption to using our camera animation tool to modding the game in JavaScript and more.

maker-lab-sectionMaker Lab Intro Video 

The Maker Lab is the heart of the game, the place where you build machines with all of the game’s parts. Learn how to use the Maker Lab so you can create your own ridiculous contraptions.

You can also read our guide on how to use the Maker Lab.

Making Puzzles Video 

Solving puzzles is one thing, but did you know you can create puzzles for others to solve? Use the Maker Lab to create a contraption, then modify it to become the next challenging puzzle in our Maker community.

You can also read step-by-step instructions on how to make puzzles.

Scenery Tool Video 

Using the standard blue background for your contraption can be pretty boring. Create a unique, eye-catching background for your contraption using our Scenery Tool.

You can also read step-by-step instructions on how to use the Scenery Tool.

Creating Videos from Your Contraptions 

This quick guide shows you how to create videos of your contraptions inside the game. You can even upload them straight to YouTube.

Scenery Animation Video 

The backgrounds of your contraption are not static. You can make them move, change size, and much more. Learn how in this video tutorial.

Camera Animation Tool Video 

Channel your inner director and make a movie of your contraption with our Camera Animation Tool. Learn how to make a video of your contraption where you decide what other players see.

You can also read step-by-step instructions on how to use the Camera Animation Tool.

JavaScript Modding Video 

While it’s fun to play in the Maker Lab, it has some limitations. The real customization starts when you mod Contraption Maker in JavaScript. Learn the basics in this video tutorial.

You can also read the Contraption Maker Modding Guide for step-by-step instructions on creating your first mod.

Curriculum and Lesson Plans 

If you’re an educator looking for ways to incorporate Contraption Maker into a school, after school program or other educational program, you’re in luck. Many educators across the world have contributed their tried-and-true lesson plans to our Contraption Maker Curriculum page.

We love adding to our Getting Started resource list. If you’d like to share a Contraption Maker resource, email Deborah Fike to have it added onto this page. We’re happy to reference information on other websites as long as it is of high quality.