The Entire Incredible Machine Game CD Audio Soundtrack On One Page

February 4th, 2015 by Jeff Tunnell

Nearly 20 years after its creation, I wanted to make sure to get all of the CD quality songs for The Incredible Machine in one place to keep them from going to the great bit bucket in the sky. It is getting harder and harder to find a CD player to listen to these songs, and as time goes by my game CD for this version of the game gets more and more precious to me. So, I have taken the time to get these songs all up on Soundcloud. You can check them out here to get some background and liner notes, or go to Spotkin on Soundcloud for more listening options.

Contraption Maker Album Cover

Contraption Maker Album Cover

As we created Contraption Maker, we always referred to The Incredible Machine sound track, but, as an Indie game developer, we did not have enough resources to create an entirely custom sound track. Instead, we have been able to find great music from the talented artists at As a bonus though, we were able to work with Tim Clarke again to get this wonderful custom theme song.

Back in 1994 when game CD’s were the big new thing, we were trying to figure out how to fill up soooo much space. One of our first ideas for The Incredible Machine was to create a fully recorded sound track using real musicians and instruments. The Incredible Machine always did have a wonderful sound track created by Chris Stevens, Tim Clarke, and Jan Paul Moorhead, but listening to the songs with real instruments and voices brought the old MIDI, Roland, and Sound Blaster arrangements to a new life that was unbelievable!

Title Theme: Is funny, bouncy, and catchy. I remember humming this tune for hours and hours, days and days. Doing research for this article has again stuck this song firmly in my mind and I can’t stop humming!

Pictures at an Exhibition: I remember hearing this song on a classical radio station, reminding me that we didn’t have to pay royalties for songs this old (that is why old Disney and Warner cartoons use so many classical songs). When the first cut of this song came in with the live piano and Tim’s awesome trumpet part, I got tears in my eyes.

New Age: We had a great time paying tribute to popular artists of the time. This one is reminiscent of Enya:

Tuna Loaf: This next one is obviously a send up of Meat Loaf:

Unplugged: MTV Unplugged was incredibly popular back in the mid 1990’s and so was Eric Clapton, so we added them:

Hayseed: This was absolutely one of my favorites. Local radio legend Bill Barrett starring in the background vocal definitely beat Larry the Cable Guy to the punch as the silly redneck.

Bango Bongo: A jungle vibe as needed for many of the puzzle backgrounds.

Ragtime: This was a very popular background music for a lot of the zany, cartooney craziness the puzzles required.

Progressive: Joe Weber, one of the hottest guitar players around, shredded this scorching track. As a special note, Joe Weber was also featured in a lot of the Tribes music.

I don’t need to comment on every track. Here are the rest of the songs for your nostalgic listening pleasure.


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