Making Videos of Your Incredible Machines in Contraption Maker

February 3rd, 2016 by Deborah Fike

Once you have created a contraption that you love, you may want to create a video and share it so that anyone can view it, even if they don’t have a copy of the game.  Contraption Maker has some built-in functions that makes creating and sharing videos easy.

We're using player Tipsymahn260's contraption "How to Cook Eggs"

We will use player Tipsymahn260’s contraption “How to Cook Eggs” as an example in this article.

Open up your contraption in the Maker Lab.  The main window contains your contraption.  After you have built a contraption you want to share, click the orange record button at the top of the main window.

The Orange Record Button

The Orange Record Button

Contraption Maker will start recording your contraption.  You will note, however, that playback will appear slow when you record.  This is normal, since your computer is converting what it sees on your screen into video format.

Recording a Contraption Maker Video

Recording a Contraption Maker Video

Once you feel you have recorded enough of your contraption, you need to press the red stop button to halt recording.  You will notice that the red stop button appears where the orange record button used to be.

Red Stop Button

Red Stop Button

You have now successfully created a .webm file of your contraption.  This type of video file can be uploaded to many popular video hosting sites like YouTube. You will see a success screen that shows the name of your movie file.

Options for your Saved Movie File

Video Save Success Screen

Contraption Maker gives you several options to share the video file:

  • The orange copy path to clipboard button allows you to copy the location of the file.  You can paste that information into your file explorer program to view the video.
  • The blue open containing folder button opens the folder containing your video file so you can access it directly.
  • The yellow share on YouTube button will allow you to directly upload the video into YouTube.  You will need to be logged into YouTube in order for this option to work.  If this is your first time uploading a file from Contraption Maker to YouTube, the game will walk you through how to connect your device.

There are hundreds of videos of other players’ Contraption Maker machines already uploaded on YouTube.  We hope to see yours there soon!

(And for more tips and tricks, check out our Getting Started with Contraption Maker page.)


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