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When I was growing up, I rarely interacted with kids outside my immediate age group at school.  1st graders played with other 1st graders, 2nd graders had separate lunch and recess times, and so on, until I reached high school.  Many schools are bucking this trend by having cooperative learning and play times where multi-aged […]

Coming off the heels of our Contraption Maker free weekend and last week’s blog on making contraptions, this article takes new players to the next level by teaching you how to make awesome puzzles.  Sharing puzzles in the Contraption Maker community is a great way to interact with other players (plus it’s always fun to frustrate people). […]

My first memories playing video games are with my family.  With five siblings, I never really played games alone.  We all crowded around a system (take your pick: Commodore 64, Coleco, Atari, NES…the list goes on) and fiddled with games en masse.  Usually one person would play, and the others served as a helpful peanut gallery: there to […]

On the coldest day in the recorded history of New York City, a ridiculous 30 degrees below zero with wind chill, the hot topic at Digital Kids Conference was “Game Based Learning.” I was there as the newly ordained “Alchemist of Fun,” because Spotkin had the opportunity to sponsor the Digital Kids “Learning and Play” […]

Nearly 20 years after its creation, I wanted to make sure to get all of the CD quality songs for The Incredible Machine in one place to keep them from going to the great bit bucket in the sky. It is getting harder and harder to find a CD player to listen to these songs, […]