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When I was growing up, I rarely interacted with kids outside my immediate age group at school.  1st graders played with other 1st graders, 2nd graders had separate lunch and recess times, and so on, until I reached high school.  Many schools are bucking this trend by having cooperative learning and play times where multi-aged […]

Our social mission at Spotkin is to give away unlimited free copies of Contraption Maker to educators.  We often receive requests from educational groups, such as after school programs and non-profit organizations.  Two different chapters of the Boys and Girls Club of America recently asked for free copies of Contraption Maker.  The Boys and Girls Club has […]

We originally built Contraption Maker as a consumer game, but the game has innate high educational value.  To that end, we’ve given away hundreds of free Contraption Maker copies to schools, after school programs, and other educational initiatives.  Since many of us at Spotkin (myself included) have young children and grandchildren, it’s been a pleasure to give a little back […]

On February 23, I attended an Oregon Girls Collaborative Project (OGCP) event in Eugene, Oregon as a speaker on the “Engaging Girls” panel.  The OGCP, and the larger National Girls Collaborative Project, is committed to getting more girls engaged involved in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects throughout school and on into their careers. […]