The Great Contraption Maker Build-Off

August 20th, 2014 by Jon Tunnell

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Welcome to the first ever Contraption Maker build-off! You all have one week to build the coolest, most awesome contraption that you can using the egg part. You can use as many parts as you want, but keep your focus on the egg (or eggs!). After the contest deadline, the Spotkin team will score the submissions based on technique, creativity, and presentation. Try to make something that will make us all say, “Wow!”

The winners of the contest will receive Steam games of their choice!



Here are all of the nitty gritty details for the contest. Please read over them carefully. We will not be able to accept submissions that don’t follow all the rules!

Contest Theme
The central theme of this contest is the egg part. Try to make the coolest contraption that you can using the egg. You can use any and as many parts as you want, but make the focus of the contraption be the egg.

How to Enter
• At any time during the entry period, create a contraption and submit it to the Steam Workshop. Submit it as a contraption, not a puzzle.
• Post a screenshot of your contraption on Twitter with the hashtag #CMbuildoff so we can find it.
• Put a link to the Twitter post in your Workshop submission description to confirm that it is yours.

• Entries for this contest must be created by you, and cannot be the work of someone else.
• Do not submit something that was submitted to the Workshop before the contest date. Even if you were the creator, this is not allowed.
• Entries must be submitted to the Steam Workshop as a Contraption, not as a puzzle.
• We can disqualify someone at any time if they are found to be cheating.
• One entry per user only. You can change your submission up until the completion date, but you cannot submit multiple entries.

The 3 scoring categories are: technique, originality, and presentation.
Technique: How technically impressive is your contraption? How much does it make the judge say, “I can’t believe they actually pulled that off.”
Originality/Creativity: Are you using parts in a new and original way? Are you doing something nobody else has thought of?
Presentation: Don’t just submit your contraption on the default blue background. Add some pretty scenery, animate it, give a nice backstory to what’s happening in the contraption.

Contest Dates
August 20th, 2014 @ 12:00 PM PST to August 27th, 2014 @ 5:00 PM PST. Entries submitted before or after this time period will not be accepted.

• 1st Place: $60 worth of Steam Game(s)*
• 2nd Place: $30 worth of Steam Game(s)*
• 3rd Place: $10 worth of Steam Game(s)*

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will all have their contraptions featured in the Editor’s Choice section of the Workshop as well.

*Games will be gifted to your Steam account. Winner may choose more than one game, but the total must be equal to or less than the given amount. Must have a Steam account to claim prize, no substitutes. Prize must be claimed by September 20th, 2014.

• The contest runs for one week. During this time, players can create, submit, and edit their entries.
• Once the contest is over, the judges will take 2 days to review and anonymously rate the submitted contraptions.
• Contraptions will be judged in 3 categories with a score of 1-10 in each category. The contraption with the highest total score will be the winner.
• There can be multiple winners at any prize level in the case of a tie.
• This contest is NOT a random drawing. Submissions will be judged by us, the developers of Contraption Maker.
• By entering this contest, you agree to let us use your Steam name and avatar when announcing winners or talking about the contest.

We can’t wait to see all of your “eggcellent” submissions :-)



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